Israeli Aviation Security Once Again Proves Its Superiority Detecting Suspicious Behavior at Brussels International Airport

Western governments and airlines have long mobilized significant resources to the field of civil aviation security, recognizing its importance as a critical component of national security.

According to recent reports in the media, the departure hall at Brussels airport was evacuated on 8 July after a suspicious suitcase was found near the terminal having been placed there by an Iranian woman.

According to Think Security's contacts in Belgium, security agents of the Israeli airline El Al, who were operating at the terminal at the time, spotted the suitcase. This is not the first time that the Israeli security teams’ special work methods and increased vigilance have resulted in the detection of anomalies and suspicious activity at European airports. Security analysts say that the special training of the security officers, combined with their overt and covert work methods, prove again and again that Israel is a world leader in the field of aviation security.

Intelligence officials assess that terrorist organizations will choose to focus their efforts on targeting airlines with lower security standards.

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