5 Questions and Answers About Cyprus, Israel, Iran, A Hired Assassin and A Silencer Gun

I would like to share an interesting report with you that has made the headlines mainly in local media outlets in Cyprus, but is actually part of a much broader story that spans countries and continents.

First, some specifics about the incident itself –

In late September 2021, reports were published on Cyprus's major news websites according to which an individual had been placed in detention and local police had launched an investigation. The detainee was an Azeri citizen, detained based on prior information, who was known as a hired assassin working for criminal elements. When he was arrested, a handgun with a silencer was found in his possession.

So much for the facts of the story, now five interesting questions I think are worth considering, and the answers I’d like to offer:

Why is this story interesting?

Because the investigation revealed that the assassin’s targets were Israeli businesspersons operating in Cyprus. And what makes it even more interesting? Headlines that began to pop up on prominent Israeli news websites, saying the assassin was sent by Iran’s security services.

Why would Iran target Israelis?

Iran has a long unsettled account with Israel, and it seeks to pursue any possible way to avenge the assassinations of several senior Iranian officials in recent years.

Why did Iran decide to take revenge on Israel by attacking private businesspersons?

It is a well-known fact that the Israeli security units stationed abroad and assigned to protect Israel’s embassies and diplomatic missions are among the best in the world. It is likely that Iran is also aware of this and is therefore looking for easier targets to attack without entering the range of fire of the guns and machine guns of Israeli security guards.

What are the Iranians worried about?

They understand that Iran is likely to be the immediate suspect in any incident that would involve an attack against an official Israeli target, and that such an attack will lead to a strong response by Israel. Wouldn’t it be smarter to avoid it then?

Has Iran learned anything from its failures in the past?

This is not the first time Iran has chosen to use criminal elements to do the dirty work for it. It is also not the first time that these criminals have been arrested and their plot has been revealed. Will Iran now finally realize that this method is a recipe for failure?


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