Why Does Iran Keep Repeating the Same Mistake Over and Over Again?

 Remember my post about the detention in Cyprus of an assassin who was hired by Iranian Intelligence and sent to kill Israeli business persons? Here’s a reminder if you don’t- 5 Questions and Answers About Cyprus, Israel, Iran, A Hired Assassin and A Silencer Gun

In the past few days, there have been reports in the media about a new case of five suspects detained in different countries in Africa and accused of being sent by the Iranian Quds Force to execute terror attacks against Israeli tourists and business persons in Africa.

According to information from Western intelligence agencies, the five were recruited and sent by the Iranians to be trained in Lebanon. They were instructed to identify Israeli nationals once they complete their training, and carry out attacks against them. The five are now being questioned in Tanzania, Senegal, and Kenya.

As the case of Cyprus, this case also demonstrates Iran's concern about coming into contact with Israeli security teams at Israel's official embassies, as well as its concern about Israel's possible response to such an attack.

Iran’s method of hiring mercenaries and sending them to carry out terror attacks has failed time and again, causing growing embarrassment to the Iranian regime.


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