5 things you should know about President Putin's personal protection team

The Russian invasion of Ukraine remains in the headlines, and the international security community is closely following developments in Europe in an attempt to understand the situation and learn from it.

Every now and then, among the military operations launched by both sides, there are signs of plans to target the leaders of Russia and Ukraine in an attempt to influence the outcome of the war.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin, known to be obsessed with his personal safety, has a large team of highly-skilled bodyguards who accompany him wherever he goes. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about these bodyguards:

  1. Putin's bodyguards, who call themselves “the knights”, are members of a special unit in the Russian Federal Protective Service (FSO), whose history goes all the way back to 1881, when Tsar Alexander III surrounded himself with guards after his father had been assassinated.
  2. Putin’s bodyguards are replaced when they reach the age of 35, and are appointed to high-level positions in the Russian civil service.
  3. Before each trip Putin makes to any destination, a large team of security guards prepares for the visit: they study the area in the destination country, drive the routes, and install tactical jammers and monitoring devices.
  4. Putin is constantly surrounded by several security teams, from his personal bodyguards, to snipers positioned on rooftops and undercover security guards who blend in with the crowd.
  5. Putin also has a personal doctor constantly monitoring his health, and food tasters who ensure that he is not deliberately poisoned by food.

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